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    The computing curriculum at New Wave Federation is designed to progressively develop children’s skills in computing. This takes place through combining both cross-curricular and discretely taught lessons. We aim to develop children’s computational thinking skills, knowledge of computer science concepts and application of digital literacy skills. Our children use information technology to create digital content that enables them to express themselves and develop their ideas as active participants in a digital world.

    Underpinning our approach is a commitment to the teaching of how to use technology safely and respectfully. Learning and teaching within the computing curriculum empowers children to become digitally confident in their daily lives which helps to prepare them to become independent users of technology beyond the classroom.


    Teachers at New Wave Federation have excellent computing subject knowledge as a result of high quality training and support from leaders. This enables them to plan engaging learning experiences that develop digital understanding and reasoning.

    We have designed a computing curriculum that creates opportunities for skills to be applied across a wider range of subjects, giving pupils ample opportunities to practise and refine their skills. We use the ‘Everyone Can Code’ programme to support the computing curriculum we deliver. This ensures that there is a progression of knowledge and skills that the children can build on each year within the computer science aspects of the curriculum.


    New Wave Federation teachers’ high expectations, enthusiasm and passion about computing inspires and motivates pupil. As a result, pupils demonstrate excellent understanding of important concepts in all three strands of the computing curriculum and are able to make connections within the subject. They have highly developed transferable knowledge, skills and understanding. Teaching and learning empowers pupil to be content creators, not just content consumers. Pupils across the school show high levels of originality, imagination, creativity and innovation in their understanding and application of skills in computing.


    Children at New Wave are given many enriching opportunities as part of the wider computing curriculum. Our after school club provision includes a coding club where children with interests in computer science are able to further pursue their passions with code and robotics. We run a digital leader programme for children in KS2. Digital Leaders attend training with Apple Education in store workshops and support children and teaching staff throughout the school to integrate technology. Relationships with local companies allow us to invite specialists in to meet with children and inspire them to consider a career in computing.