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    Our curriculum is the planned experiences and interactions our children encounter everyday. It is designed to be enriching and stimulating, whilst meeting and exceeding the expectations set out in the national curriculum.

    The implementation of our curriculum is complemented by a wide choice of resources such as iPads, mathematical equipment and a wide range of texts in English. We utilise the skills of our teachers to inspire all of our pupils to achieve their full potential. We value cross curricular learning and by closely assessing what skills each academic discipline requires, we can create strong links between core and non-core subjects.

    We aim to develop curious and confident learners and ensure all pupils have opportunities to achieve high standards. Our curriculum is designed to develop a capacity to accommodate new knowledge building on prior knowledge and experiences, resulting in curious minds.

    Equal Opportunities

    At Grazebrook, we believe that all children are entitled to equality of opportunity within all subjects irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, physical or mental condition or background.


    We are committed to providing a curriculum that is appropriate to, and meets the needs of, every child, enabling each to reach their full potential. Teachers provide learning opportunities that are matched to the needs of our children, including children with special educational needs and disability as well as those that are identified as being more able and talented.