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    Grazebrook Primary School is governed by the New Wave Federation Governing Board. Governors play an important role in the life of our school. The governing board works in a strategic decision making capacity and ensures accountability across the federation.

    The board has three core responsibilities:

    • Setting the vision, ethos and strategic direction for the Federation

    • Holding school leaders to account for the educational attainment of pupils

    • Overseeing financial resources and ensuring they are spent effectively

    Who are they?

    The New Wave Federation governing board, chaired by Chris Howard, consists of 9 governors. These include the executive headteacher, parents, staff members, a representative from the local authority and co-opted governors. Each governor serves a 4 year term of office, with the exception of the executive headteacher, who always has a position on the Governing Board.

    The structure

    Most of the governor's work is carried out by the full governing board at committee meetings. This happens at least once a term and includes every governor who is able to attend.

    In addition, the Governing Board has one subcommittee, the Resource Committee. This committee is responsible for overseeing our school budgets and considering matters related to staffing, premises and safety. This is attended by a smaller number of Governors and is able to make some decisions on the Governing Board's behalf.

    Chair of Governors
    Chris Howard

    Chris Howard, the Chair of Governors, can be contacted directly via his email:

    Click here to find out more about the New Wave Federation Governing Board.