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    Our Team

     All members of the Grazebrook team have a significant role to play and work collaboratively to ensure our school is a happy and positive learning environment.

    Senior Leadership Team

    Staff Member Position
    Nicole Reid Executive Headteacher
    Katie Beecroft Headteacher
    Caireann Conlon Assistant Headteacher and SENCo
    Simone Bunbury Assistant Headteacher
    Joanna Ichim Assistant Headteacher
    Manjit Nandhra English Hub Lead/English Lead



    Staff Member Position
    Helen Mulder Nursery Class Teacher
    Marta Juarez Dominguez Nursery Class Teacher
    Conor McGivern Reception Orange Class Teacher
    Kelly O’Callaghan Reception Purple Class Teacher
    Lauren Lowe 1G Class Teacher
    Jahmoyah Cole 1B Class Teacher
    Isabel Peters 2G Class Teacher
    Niamh McLaughlin 2B Class Teacher
    Ross Williams 3G Class Teacher
    Lyon Devereux 3B Class Teacher
    Ellie Pratt 4G Class Teacher
    Eve Borrowman 4B Class Teacher
    Niamh Cavadino 5G Class Teacher
    Micro Zanier 5B Class Teacher
    Marantha Cabey 6G Class Teacher
    Evie Williams 6B Class Teacher
    Ellie Beecroft Maternity Leave
    Lindsey O’Shea Cover Teacher
    Maria Bujalance Casas Spanish Teacher
    Alison Dunne Art Tutor
    Jake Stevens Music Tutor
    Siemy Di Instrumental Tutor
    Ben Mollet Instrumental Tutor
    Vahan Salorian Instrumental Tutor
    Dan Evans Instrumental Tutor
    Marion Monsegur Instrumental Tutor
    Ryan Hassan PE Coach


    Support Staff

    Staff Member Position
    Fahima Begum Early Years Educator
    Aisha Lunat Early Years Educator
    Kara Lewis Early Years Educator
    Manjit Gujra Early Years Educator
    Heather Corbett Higher Level Teaching Assistant
    Lily Azevedo Higher Level Teaching Assistant
    John Norwood Higher Level Teaching Assistant
    Arefa Aboobaker Teaching Assistant
    Jean-Francois Julien Teaching Assistant
    Maria Iannella Teaching Assistant
    Kim Wilkshire Teaching Assistant
    Jean Hartley Teaching Assistant
    Khalida Begum Teaching Assistant
    Lauren Daly Teaching Assistant
    Alana Abibe Teaching Assistant
    Penny Thenistocleous Teaching Assistant
    Imarnaye Richmond Teaching Assistant
    Ilboya Gyongyosi  Teaching Assistant


    Administrative and Premises Staff

    Staff Member Position
    Alia Choudhry Federation Business Manager
    Amina Zaki Senior Administration Officer
    Alberto Ferreria Finance Manager
    Bev Dickinson Extended Schools and Community Leader
    Lisa Langley PA to Executive Headteacher/English Hub Admin Lead
    Pam Sealy Receptionist and Attendance Officer
    Val Kornevs Premises Officer
    George Townsend Premises Officer


    Catering, Breakfast, Lunch and After School Staff

    Staff Member Position
    Ben Cook Catering Team
    Christina Blessas Catering Team
    Cheryl Knott Catering Team
    Bibi Pashaw Catering Team
    Rosina Akomeah Catering Team
    Karen O’Gorman Breakfast club & Midday Meals Supervisor
    Verity Summerfield Breakfast club & Midday Meals Supervisor
    Arefa Aboobaker Midday Meals Supervisor
    Michelle Seearam Midday Meals Supervisor
    Joycelyn Remy Midday Meals Supervisor
    Esther Macarthy Midday Meals Supervisor
    Jennifer Blake Midday Meals Supervisor
    Jackie Guidhan Midday Meals Supervisor
    Amanda Cocker Midday Meals Supervisor
    Kiran Kaur Midday Meals Supervisor
    Nasreen Akhtar After School Club
    Caroline King After School Club
    Jean Hartley After School Club
    Nada Mensah After School Club